The Realist brand came about in 2015, founded by a young designer from the inner cities of the UK. Born from a part-time passionate hobby that developed in to an official streetwear brand, with a global vision of keeping it 'real'. Realist is an iconic label offering a range of streetwear clothing. Realist are known for creating superior, innovative designed clothing, deeply rooted in real, current urban street culture.

Realist focus on creating fashionable menswear, launching new products every month. Each collection launched consists of stylish, fashionable and trending streetwear available for all. The brand became official after selling out the first ever collection within 24 hours of releasing. After seeing the response from the first collection, the Realist brand took off from there connecting with people all over the world. Since the Launch of Realist back in 2015, there's been a great handful of famous Celebrities, Artists, UK Rappers, Netflix stars and other icons that have proudly represented the brand! Realist has had support from the likes of Mist, Jay1, Tremz and more. Realist has also launched its first store in a major shopping centre based in Leeds, UK.

As well as supplying fashionable styled clothing, the brand are known for their culture. Realist is more than just a brand, its a way of Life.

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